What Is the Average APR on a Car Loan?

Answer The average APR on a car loan in 2009 stands at 7 percent for a 48-month (4-year) loan for a new car, based on estimates provided by Read More »

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What is the average life on a car loan?

The average life of a car loan in the United States is six years. As cars have become more expensive, loan amounts have grown and consumers have stretched out the term of their loans to accommodate... Read More »

What is the average salary of a loan processor?

As of November, 2009, the median salary for a loan processor working in the U.S. is approximately $34,782. Salary will vary depending on geographical location, years of experience, and employer siz... Read More »

What is the average mortgage loan amount?

According to Mortgage Data Web, the average mortgage loan amount in the United States for home purchases and refinancing was about $180,000 in early 2009--up from about $140,000 in early 2006.Refer... Read More »

What is the average interest rate on a loan?

Average mortgage rates change daily since the bond prices change daily. Freddie Mac has tracked rates since 1971. In June of 1991, the average rate was 9.62 percent. In June of 2001, the average ra... Read More »