What Is an Overdrive Transmission?

Answer An overdrive transmission, or overdrive, is an automatic or manual transmission equipped with an extra "overdrive" gear. Usually marked O/D on the shifter, the overdrive brings benefits such as red... Read More »

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What is an overdrive automatic transmission?

Automatic overdrive transmissions (AODTs) are the single most common drivetrain used in American automobiles. Modern AODTs offer levels of convenience, comfort and fuel economy undreamed of when th... Read More »

Transmission Overdrive Problems?

Car transmission systems are complicated pieces of machinery with many intricate, inter-working parts. The "overdrive" feature of manual and automatic transmissions is designed to improve overall e... Read More »

What does blinking yellow overdrive light on dashboard of 2002 explorer?

Answer there is a trans problem,must be scanned by auto shop

When do you use overdrive in a car?

The overdrive gear in a car's transmission is most often used during highway travel. The overdrive gear is used to reduce the RPMs (revolutions per minute) being generated by the engine, leading to... Read More »