What Is an Open MAF Sensor Circuit?

Answer An MAF -- or mass airflow -- sensor measures the airflow that enters an engine area. This information is evaluated so the amount of fuel and air are matched to have the fuel mixture at peak perform... Read More »

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What is used to open&close a circuit?

A switch opens or closes a circuit. The switch is a piece of wire. When the switch is open, there isn't a loop (circuit) and electrical energy won't move through the circuit.

What does open hot mean on a circuit tester?

An open hot means that there is a break or open circuit in the black or red "hot", or electrified, wire between the test point and the main power panel. Current flows from the black wire to the whi... Read More »

Oxygen Sensor Circuit Information?

The oxygen sensor in a vehicle measures the fuel and oxygen mixture, which influences the level of the gas mileage. If the sensor malfunctions or needs replacement, gas mileage decreases, but when ... Read More »

Specifications for an LM35 Integrated Circuit Temperature Sensor?

The LM35 is basically a thermometer on a chip, designed by National Semiconductor. Instead of using mercury or another fluid, it relies on a property of diodes that causes the breakdown voltage of ... Read More »