What Is an Insurance Card BIN Number?

Answer If you have health insurance you probably have a health insurance card as well. On this card are a series of numbers and codes used by pharmacies to streamline the process of managing prescription ... Read More »

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National insurance number but don't have a card but need your number?

You need to contact your local DWP authority or HM revenue office and fill out an application form to get a replacement card.You are only allowed ONE replacement card.See : Read More »

How to Replace a Social Insurance Number Card?

The Social Insurance number is a nine digit number issued to Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and temporary workers. The Social Insurance number is similar to a Social Security number in the... Read More »

How to Obtain a Duplicate Insurance Card From Golden Rule Insurance?

Having documentation of proper health insurance is important for doctor's visits. When going to the hospital for initial treatment, it is the first piece of documentation they ask for. If a Golden ... Read More »

If your insurance ran out on your friends car can you take your insurance card and put it in that vehicle and be covered?

Answer NO!!!! However if you are the one driving your friends car your policy may provide some protection with regards to your liability but only if you are driving. Answer Your own liability usua... Read More »