What Is an Exhaust Leak?

Answer An exhaust system expels burnt gases away from a car, reduces noise and air pollution and increases engine power. An exhaust system can develop leaks or places in an exhaust system where exhaust, o... Read More »

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What Is an Exhaust Manifold Leak?

An exhaust manifold leak is not a critical problem with a car's exhaust, but can cause some issues. Generally speaking, a car should not have any exhaust manifold leaks for optimal performance.What... Read More »

What Does an Exhaust Leak Affect?

An exhaust leak can negatively effect the performance and efficiency of your vehicle, as well as lead to safety hazards for the driver and passengers. For this reason, you should diagnose and repai... Read More »

Cub Cadet Exhaust Leak?

The Cub Cadet mower's exhaust can leak due to oil inside the exhaust caused by an overfilled oil reservoir and a dirty carburetor air filter. You can fix the level of oil within your Cub Cadet's oi... Read More »

Exhaust Leak Effects?

The problems associated with exhaust leaks vary by the size of the leak, its location and what type of fuel injection system your car has. Although most people think that exhaust leaks are little m... Read More »