What Is an Exhaust Flex Pipe?

Answer Exhaust flex pipes are a flexible metal pipe sections that are used either in areas where an exhaust pipe needs to be flexible, or to repair a damaged exhaust system. While they are all-metal, it i... Read More »

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What is the Purpose of the Exhaust Flex Pipe?

The exhaust system on a car is responsible for guiding the spent engine gasses away from the vehicle. The exhaust system is made of several components, including the exhaust tubing and muffler and ... Read More »

Where to Install a Flex Pipe in an Exhaust?

The flexible pipe is designed to absorb vibration and movement in the exhaust system. Without the use of a flex pipe to absorb the vibration, more significant components could be damaged. The flex ... Read More »

How to Replace a Factory Exhaust Flex Pipe?

Flex pipes are flexible pieces of piping that fulfill an important role in a car's exhaust system by absorbing the vibration and movement of the car's transmission and engine. They also compensate ... Read More »

Can i replace a flex exhaust with solid pipe?

Flexible exhaust tubing, often used for dryer exhaust ventilation, is actually considered inferior to rigid metal ducts. Rigid ducts do not sag, are less likely to allow lint buildup, and are easie... Read More »