What Is an Ex Officio Board Member?

Answer Anyone who gains board membership by virtue of another office held is an ex officio member. A common example is an executive director who becomes a board member upon hire. Ex officio members have f... Read More »

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What Is the Role of an Ex Officio Board Member?

The position of an ex officio board member is often misunderstood. Not merely an honorable title, it is a position that requires the same amount of commitment as that of a regular board member. U... Read More »

Can an ex officio member vote on a Board of Directors?

Your association's governing documents can answer this question, and if they are silent, the state law that covers the type of association involved, such as the state non-profit law will be clear. ... Read More »

What does ex officio member mean?

An ex officio member means someone whose membership is a result of some other position or office, unlike elected or otherwise appointed members. Ex officio member have the same rights as other memb... Read More »

What is the length of tenure of a board member appointed to replace a board member who resigned?

Read your governing documents to confirm that the rather standard practice is in effect in your community. Usually, an appointed officer fills out the remainder of the resigned officer's term.