What Is an Engine Mount?

Answer An engine mount is just that--it mounts the engine to a vehicle. It keeps the engine from moving or shifting out of place while the vehicle is operating.

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How to Know If My Engine Mount Is Bad?

When a vehicle's engine mount goes bad, it begins to sag and shift. This eventually puts pressure on the components adjacent to the engine, such as the drive shaft or cooling fan. An improperly ali... Read More »

Problems With the Engine Mount?

Engine mounts reduce engine vibration during operation and hold the integral component in place. When these parts become worn or broken the effects can cascade through a vehicle, affecting everythi... Read More »

Engine Mount Symptoms?

Automobile engines are secured within the vehicle through a system of metal and rubber mounts that hold the engine in place yet allow a small amount of movement to help reduce engine noise and vibr... Read More »

What Is a Dynafocal Engine Mount?

A Dynafocal aircraft engine mount is a trademarked damped engine suspension developed by the Lord Corporation in 1939. The company called it a "gamma product," which they defined as one based on ne... Read More »