What Is an Embedded System AVR?

Answer An embedded system AVR is a microcontroller from the AVR product line manufactured by Atmel and designed for use in a dedicated computer system that is embedded (or placed within) another device su... Read More »

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What is an embedded operating system?

An embedded operating system (OS) is "embedded" in the electronic device. That is, they are not installed by the user and they are encoded in the hardware typically on a ROM (read only memory) chip... Read More »

Microcontroller & an Embedded System?

A microcontroller is the data processing "brain" of an embedded system. Microcontrollers require few external electronic components to operate making them ideal for small embedded systems. Atmel ... Read More »

What is meant by an embedded system?

An embedded system is a component of a larger system. It is either hardware or software that forms the component and it typically consists of a single-board microcomputer but may include an operati... Read More »

Embedded System Summer Training?

An embedded system is a type of computer system that is dedicated to one or a few functions. There are a number of summer training courses available. However, they are typically restricted to India.