What Is an Electrical Arc Flash?

Answer An arc flash is an electrical hazard where electricity uses the air as transit and suddenly arcs between two conductors. Conductors are formed from materials where electricity can flow easily, such... Read More »

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OSHA Requirements for an Electrical Arc Flash?

An electrical arc flash is a short circuit where electricity unexpectedly uses the air and flashes between conductors, such as from one wire to another. The blast is very powerful. It is a hazard a... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between an Electrical Converter&an Electrical Adapter?

Countries use different electrical systems. For instance, North America uses 110 to 120 volts while Europe uses 220 volts. To use a 110-volt appliance in a 220-volt system, or vice versa, requires ... Read More »

Metz 36 af-4 c flash is not working both flash and e-ttl indicator lights are on but flash does not fire it is 3 months old and is used with a canon 300d?

You don't. If you do format it you will delete everything on it, including your pictures.I am assuming you have a USB-memory with pictures from a camera? If this is the case the pictures are saved ... Read More »

How to Make a Good Flash Game in Adobe Flash or Macromedia Flash?

At least everyone who uses the internet daily comes across one SWF file on the internet.