What Is an Auto Spoiler?

Answer Spoilers are aerodynamic devices found on the trunk lid or rear hatchback of a car, and serve to alter the airflow going over and behind the vehicle. Many of these wing-like add-ons are merely cosm... Read More »

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What is a spoiler on a car?

A spoiler in the automotive world is an aerodynamic device often found on some cars and trucks. It serves both an aesthetic and performance purpose.UseA spoiler is installed to reduce air movement ... Read More »

What is the spoiler on a car used for?

Though the term "spoiler" is often used interchangeably with "wing," there is a vast difference between the two in terms of both design and intent. Whereas a wing actively creates downforce by int... Read More »

How to Remove an OEM Spoiler?

The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) spoilers installed on most cars provide form over function. A spoiler should apply down force over the rear tires to improve cornering as you accelerate. H... Read More »