What Is an Auto Eprom?

Answer The term "Auto EPROM" is short for "automobile erasable programmable read-only memory." It is used to refer to computer memory chips found in the engine computers of automobiles.

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What is eprom?

EPROM is an acronym for "entrepreneurial programming and research on mobiles." It is part of the Program for Developmental Entrepreneurship at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Its directive i... Read More »

What does EPROM stand for?

The acronym EPROM stands for Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory. An EPROM chip is a type of computer memory chip that is easily erased using ultraviolet light to allow new information to be wri... Read More »

Eprom Printer 3 in one SX200?

I believe it would print 140g card, my friend, as it can handle 225g per square metre photo paper.Edit:The second link below states that 300 g per square metre is the maximum paper weight.

Is the Intel 865 chipset EPROM?

The Intel computer motherboard chipsets designated D865 use electrically erasable programmable read-only memory, or EEPROM, to store computer startup configuration settings. The difference between ... Read More »