What Is an Audio Transducer?

Answer A transducer is defined simply as a device that converts one type of energy into another. For example, a light bulb converts electrical energy into visible light and heat, while a solar cell change... Read More »

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What is a piezo transducer?

Used in ultrasound technology, a piezo transducer is a device that converts electrical energy into mechanical vibrations and then back into electrical energy. A piezo transducer is made from a mate... Read More »

How to Remove a Transducer?

A transducer sends sound waves into the water toward the bottom, picks the sound waves up as they return from the bottom and transmits the information to a depth finder or fish finder. Transducers ... Read More »

How to Lower a Transducer?

The depth that a transducer sits in the water is critical for the accurate operation of any depth finder. If the transducer is too high, it may actually be reflecting sound waves off the shim rathe... Read More »

What is a position transducer?

A position transducer is a device that measures the location of an object in relation to a specified point of reference. Frequently, position transducers consist of a stationary piece and a moving ... Read More »