What Is an Allodial Title?

Answer In property law, an allodial title describes a situation where you own land, fixtures, buildings or any other real property without a cost. Additionally, an allodial title does not have any encumbr... Read More »

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Does an allodial title include mineral rights?

An allodial title would give you full ownership of your land without paying additional taxes on the existing property (without improvements) because you are required to pay a lifetime's taxes up fr... Read More »

What is a Title 10 and Title 32 in reference to the National Guard?

How do I link a title to another sheet in Excel It just shows the number '0' instead of the title?

If by "title" you mean the text at the beginning of a column (or row) that tells what the data in the column (or row) is about, then you need a simple Formula that References the other Worksheet an... Read More »

How long does a car title loan company hold a title?

When a car is collateral for an automobile loan, the lending bank retains the vehicle's title until the borrower pays off the loan in full. Once this occurs, the bank will then typically mail the t... Read More »