What Is an Actuator?

Answer Actuators are transducers or devices that convert one type of energy into another type. Actuators change the biological, physical and chemical parameters. They usually accept digital data from anot... Read More »

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What is a hydraulic actuator?

A hydraulic actuator is a fluid motor or cylinder that transforms hydraulic power to mechanical power. It can create mechanical motion that is linear, oscillating or rotary. Hydraulic actuators hav... Read More »

How to Replace an Alero EVO Actuator?

The variable steering system controls the amount of power steering fluid running through the system at a given time, adding more fluid during more extreme turns and less fluid during mild turns. Th... Read More »

How Does a Linear Actuator Work?

When going to the beach, a woman doesn't want to have to worry about redness or irritation along her bikini line. Also, a man wants to look smooth and clean for a fancy party rather than bumpy and... Read More »

Air Door Actuator Installation?

The air door actuator is designed for vehicles that have automatic temperature control. The air door actuator also controls the door movement on command. There are several reasons why its necessary... Read More »