What point after unprotected sex is it too late to take the morning after pill?

Answer Answer 72 hrs, three days, afterwards it gets less and less effective.

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What happened after the US soldier left Vietnam after the cease-fire?

Is does painful after ballon angioplasty in the heart what we feel after?

I have known two people who had coronary angioplasty. Neither had any pain (or other unusual sensation) in or around the heart after the procedure. I have not had angioplasty but I have gone throug... Read More »

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You receive an email telling you about two golden lions, if you find both of them you unlock two extra missions, after that, play to 100%!

If you had light brown discharge after sex a week after your period what does it mean?

Answer you might have an infection, probably no big deal, but you should go to the doctor and get it checked out.