What Is a Yamaha Tors Control Unit?

Answer The throttle override system used on Yamaha's all-terrain vehicles isn't specific to Yamaha; some variant of the system has found its way onto ATVs produced by almost every major manufacturer. Whi... Read More »

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What Is a Transmission Control Unit?

Modern cars are an amalgamation of systems both mechanical and electronic. While most of the car's electronic systems exist to augment the mechanical, some of the mechanical systems simply cannot f... Read More »

What is a camera control unit?

A camera control unit (CCU) is a range of operations and equipment used in remote control of video/television cameras, according to Media College. CCU operation is important in many video productio... Read More »

Where to buy remote control for Yamaha htr-5760?

this worked for mine

Who invented the pacemaker control unit?

The pacemaker was invented in 1950 by a Canadian named John Hopps. He made the discovery that if the heart stopped beating, it could be mechanically or electronically restarted. The first pacemaker... Read More »