What Is a Weighted Salary?

Answer As a means of comparison, the average salary for a particular job, education level or number of years of experience is somewhat misleading. Among the reasons are that some states or districts may h... Read More »

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Weighted Salary Vs. Unweighted Salary?

Employee compensation varies between and within industries, making it difficult for workers, employers and economic analysts to understand the value of labor. Two ways of measuring salary statistic... Read More »

What does a weighted GPA mean?

A weighted grade point average (GPA) is one where extra points are added to reward students for taking especially challenging courses. In a weighted course, an "A" will count as five points instead... Read More »

What is an autism sensory weighted blanket?

People with autism or Asperger's Syndrome often feel more comfortable with additional weight pressing against them. Temple Grandin, a professor with autism, invented a "hugging machine" that provid... Read More »

What does sterling weighted mean?

Weighted sterling (or sterling weighted) refers to a common object--a candle stick, mug or candelabra, for example--that has a thin layer of sliver on its exterior (often .003 inches thin) and is w... Read More »