What Is a Water Distiller?

Answer A water distiller is a device which uses heat to remove contaminants such as salts and heavy metals from water. This process is considered superior to other water treatment methods, as it makes the... Read More »

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How can I build my own water distiller?

A simple water distiller can be made from supplies that may be lying around your home. The basic principal behind distilling water is the purification of a dirty water source through heat, evaporat... Read More »

What is a good water distiller?

On One Hand: Countertop DistillersCountertop distillers produce 1 to 2 gallons of distilled water by vaporizing tap water and condensing the vapor into pure water. This is usually an overnight proc... Read More »

Can you use a water distiller in moonshine?

Some home brewers use water distillers to create batches of moonshine to consume in the privacy of their abodes, according to "White-Collar Moonshine: The urban gourmet gets into home distilling," ... Read More »

How to Select a Water Distiller?

The wrong water distiller can waste your time distilling water, and it can break down. If you own a medical facility or a dentist's office, you need a distiller, so your patients can rinse. The rig... Read More »