What Is a Water Bath for Cheesecake?

Answer Making baked cheesecake is much more challenging than preparing the non-baked type. The oven temperatures have to be accurate and the baking and resting times well controlled. Another key to impecc... Read More »

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What is the optimum height that an immersion heater should be above a bath in order to be able to fill the bath with HOT water. Pressure is poor Our heater has some kind of copper header tank on top.?

Answer Volume = Area x DepthArea of a circle = Pi * R^2Pi = 3.1415Radius = Diameter / 2Diameter = 27Radius = 13.5Depth = 45Volume = 3.1415 x 13.5^2 x 45 = 3.1415 x 182.25 x 45 = 57... Read More »

What's better, Junior's cheesecake in BK or The Cheesecake factory?

The Cheesecake Factory of course, they use real ingredients while BK cheesecake is good, but they use "artificial" ingredients. You can taste the difference when sampling both. The Cheesecake Facto... Read More »

Poll: Cherry Cheesecake or Strawberry Cheesecake?

A lot of water went into my right ear while taking bath and now it is hurting....What is the remedy?

please try lying on your right side where the ear got water. stay in that position for a while. then you will feel the fluid warmly oozing out from your right ear. if this positioning will not work... Read More »