What Is a Valve Guide?

Answer A valve guide is a cylindrical part used to make sure that a valve makes proper contact with a valve seat in a reciprocating engine.

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Valve Guide Installation?

Valve guides are an essential component of an automotive engine; they support the valves stems and cool the valves. Worn, or loose, valve guides can interfere with the composition of the air-fuel m... Read More »

How to Check Valve Guide Clearance?

Valve guide clearance is the clearance between the valve stem and the tube or guide into which the valve is inserted. Valve guide clearance is an important aspect of engine rebuilding -- with too m... Read More »

Valve Guide Replacement Tools?

Valve guide replacement is done when the valve guide is worn out. The main function of valve guides is to support and center the valves as they open and close. Worn-out valve guides cause the valve... Read More »

Valve Guide Removal Tools?

Although not recommended, replacing valve guides is possible for the knowledgeable home mechanic. Because of the exacting measurements involved and the critical nature of valve guides, it is usuall... Read More »