What Is a Two-Dimensional Shape?

Answer Geometry is the mathematical study of size, shapes and planes. Part of geometry is the different dimensions as they are represented by axises. A two-dimensional figure is drawn on the x- and y-axis... Read More »

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Is an oval a two-dimensional shape?

An oval can be a two-dimensional or three-dimensional shape. An oval is egg-shaped and it gets its name from the Latin word for egg, "ovum." It is made from two arcs and has two radii.References:Ab... Read More »

Two-Dimensional Shape Activities for Kindergarten?

Teach Kindergartners about shapes using interactive activities. Allow students to touch and manipulate shapes of different sizes and textures. Teach students to describe shapes using mathematical t... Read More »

3-Dimensional Shape Activities for Kindergarten?

Learning shapes using three-dimensional examples helps students take an active role in memorizing the different characteristics of the various shapes. Using physical shapes instead of simple worksh... Read More »

What Is Dimensional Weight Air Freight?

When shipping large, lightweight boxes via land, air freight or sea you can expect to pay for the dimensional weight of the package instead of the actual weight. Air freight companies commonly use ... Read More »