What Is a Two Channel Audio Receiver?

Answer Most modern entertainment centers, or home theater systems, require multiple audio channels. With most units consisting of a television, DVD or blu-ray player, a stereo and a gaming system, multipl... Read More »

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What is the RCA D770 remote code for a Aiwa audio receiver receiver?

Hello here is the site for it where you can download the code book on most remotes you can find the codes for your tv by doing thi... Read More »

Getting audio from receiver using audio Y cable?

You have to go to the sound settings and disable the HDMI input. ;-)

How to make center channel produce left and right channel audio?

Not really.If you are trying to down-convert the sound to mono - why not just use the TV speakers?(sigh)Ok - some receivers like the Yamaha RX-V series have a feature called 'virtual cinema' that w... Read More »

What kind of receiver for home audio system?

It would be a good idea to have a professional look at the system, make sure it was installed correctly and have them design and install the system. Discover your local independent high end audio ... Read More »