What Is a Tuned Port Injection?

Answer Chevrolet's version of multi-port fuel injection called Tuned Port Injection was introduced to the public in 1985 on the Corvette and Camaro. Featuring tuned length intake runners, one individual i... Read More »

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What Is Tuned Port Wiring?

Tuned Port Injection (TPI) is a fuel injection system that was first produced in 1985 by General Motors. It is a common upgrade to factory injection systems and has an easy-to-set-up wiring system ... Read More »

What Is Tuned Port Ignition?

Tuned port ignition (TPI), also known as tuned port injection, was one of GM's first comprehensive efforts toward developing a truly modern fuel injection system. Although it isn't referred to as s... Read More »

Tech Tips for a Tuned Port?

Tuned port injection systems are a more modern alternative to a custom carburetor, ideal for muscle car enthusiasts or motorists who want the highest level of control over their engine combustion p... Read More »

How to Replace Tuned Port Fuel Injectors?

The Tuned Port Fuel Injector system is the General Motors (GM) version of the fuel injection design for automobiles. They are made from cast aluminum and have larger air tubes, allowing greater air... Read More »