What Is a Troop Surge?

Answer When a nation is engaged militarily, decisions made to manage the engagement fall into two categories: strategic and tactical. A troop surge is an example a strategic decision.

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If I plug a surge protector into a surge protector, do I get double the protection?

Incredible! What a load of crap! Alpha sector of a circuit breaker???The only answer I can agree with, says he's an electrical engineer, but the reason I agree with him is because he's basically ... Read More »

How big is a troop?

How big a troop is depends on the number of people in it. In the military, troops refers to units of soldiers. The media commonly uses troop irregularly as a synonym for individual soldiers.Referen... Read More »

How many soldiers are in a US troop?

Answerthey is oneAnswerThe question is not very clear. "Troop" could refer to a unit of cavalry or fast-moving infantry and the size of units vary depending on the country, year and type. Each US ... Read More »

How many men is a military troop?

The term military troops is used to represent various numbers of enlisted men. Three common interpretations include: one soldier; 3 to 6 platoons, each at 30 to 40 soldiers and, therefore, anywhere... Read More »