What Is a Throttle Body Sensor?

Answer In internal combustion engines, a throttle is a valve used to manage the amount of air that enters the engine. The throttle body sensor refers to the sensor used to monitor the throttle position.

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How to Remove a 90 LS TPS Sensor From a Throttle Body?

The throttle position sensor, or TPS, in a 90 LS engine is designed to measure the angle of the throttle and express this angle in a percentage value. The engine control module, or ECM, uses this a... Read More »

What is the throttle position sensor?

A throttle position sensor does exactly what its name implies. It is responsible for monitoring the position of the throttle in an internal combustion engine. The information collected by the throt... Read More »

What is a throttle position sensor?

Cars and trucks are becoming more powerful and fuel efficient. One of the reasons for this is increased computerization and sensors that send information back to the vehicle's computer. One of the... Read More »

What does the throttle position sensor do?

The throttle position sensor is a small electro-mechanical device that measures both how open an engine's throttle is at any given time as well as its rate of change, if any. It typically reports ... Read More »