What Is a Text String in Excel?

Answer Microsoft Excel, like other spreadsheet programs, can store and manipulate a variety of different types of data (information), and text strings are one such data type. A text string is any free-fo... Read More »

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Extract text from text string in Excel?

Hi,As a starting point, the formula to pull out the text within the tags is (assuming A1 contains the text):=MID(A1,SEARCH("",A1,1)+8, (SEARCH("",A1,1))- (SEARCH("",A1,1)+8))Hope this helps as a ... Read More »

How do you output the character text to the right or left of a specific character string in Excel?

I understand that in your example you are using "Floor" as the determining value for what you want to use to break apart a string of data. And using the MID function would work under this particul... Read More »

How can I merge the horizontal cells (rows in excel doc, all text) into vertically alligned text?

Without a sample of the data you are talking about, it is not too clear exactly what it is you wish to accomplish. So I am going to assume that you have several columns of data where row number on... Read More »

How to Escape the Period Character in a String in an Excel Spreadsheet?

Your Excel application uses mathematical formulas to express values. Characters such as the equal sign, period and parentheses make the program interpret the input as part of a formula. In order to... Read More »