What Is a Surcharge Action in Trusts?

Answer Surcharge in a trust account is simply a lawsuit against the trustee due to illegal or mismanagement actions of the trustee. The purpose of a surcharge action in trust is to return any losses to th... Read More »

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What is a spouse surcharge in insurance?

Spousal surcharges help companies defray the cost of employee health insurance. Employers impose a spousal surcharge when the employee's working spouse elects coverage under the employee's health c... Read More »

What is the Medicare Levy Surcharge Act?

The Medicare Levy Act, implemented as part of the National Health Act in Australia, increased required income threshold levels for low income households in an attempt to assure that low income fami... Read More »

What does a surcharge mean on airline tickets?

A surcharge is an extra charge in addition to the airfare. Surcharges vary and may cover things such as enhanced airport security, rising fuel costs, checked baggage, seat selection, telephone rese... Read More »

What does a complimentary airport shuttle with a surcharge mean?

A complimentary airport shuttle with a surcharge means that a free airport shuttle is available. However, there is a surcharge for certain shuttle services, such as late night pickup or travel to a... Read More »