What Is a Sonic Compressor for Air Conditioning?

Answer A compressor is an integral part of any air conditioning system. Sonic compressors are one option when fulfilling that need.

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What size central air-conditioning compressor do I need?

On One Hand: Do Your HomeworkThe method used by good contractors to determine the proper size of an air-conditioning compressor is the design load calculation. This method takes into consideration ... Read More »

How to Check the Oil in an Air Conditioning Compressor?

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How to Inspect an Air Conditioning Compressor?

The air conditioner compressor in a vehicle circulates the refrigerant around the system. The compressor will only kick on when the air conditioner in the car must produce air that is cooler than t... Read More »

How to Replace an Air-Conditioning Compressor in a Chevy S-10?

The compressor is one of the main components of a vehicle's air-conditioning system, as it compresses the refrigerant fluid to increase its energy. Like most vehicles, the AC compressor on a Chevy ... Read More »