What Is a Soaking Tub?

Answer A soaking tub is a deep, wide bathtub that allows a person to completely submerge the body. The water level may reach as high as a person's chin. Soaking tubs are used for long baths and relaxation... Read More »

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What is the definition of a soaking tub?

A soaking tub is deeper than other tubs and allows bathers to soak in water up to their chin. Soaking tubs don't typically have shower attachments or jet combinations. They can be the shorter Greek... Read More »

What is a soaking mixture to set the dye color in cotton yarn?

Soak cotton yarn in a solution of soda ash, or sodium carbonate, and warm water before adding a fiber-reactive dye. Use about 9 tbsp of soda ash to 1 gallon of warm water. Look for washing soda at ... Read More »

What Household Products Are Good for Soaking the Feet?

You don't have to go far from the front door to find a luxurious foot soak right at home. The natural ingredients you need to make a personalized foot soak are right in the kitchen or bathroom. Whe... Read More »

A question pertaining to bean soup: What does soaking the beans do?

A close up small red beans shows a collection of powdery, grayish "field dust", an accumulation of debris that covers all the beans. This surface dirt would be very hard to see on beans with light ... Read More »