What Is a Shredder Used for in Making Sauerkraut?

Answer When you make sauerkraut, you must shred the cabbage into fine strips about as wide as the thickness of a quarter. This can be done using a hand shredder, food processor, or sharp knife. Only after... Read More »

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Will kosher salt work as a pickling salt in making sauerkraut?

Pickling salt is recommended for making sauerkraut because it does not contain iodine, which is found in regular table salt. The addition of iodine or other anti-caking agents may react negatively ... Read More »

What glassware is used in making titrations?

At a minimum, a titration requires a buret and a flask or beaker. The buret holds, measures and delivers the “titrant” to the reaction flask with a precision of up to 0.01 milliliters. A common... Read More »

What Are the Circuits Used in Making Robots?

Robots are often mechanical models of humans or animals. The circuits in these robots are like the circuits in humans and animals. These include circuits to sense the environment and motor circuits... Read More »

What wood is used in making boats?

Boat makers and finish restorers use marine plywood in their production. Some marine plywood types include Hydrotek, Aquatek and Joubert Okoume -- the highest quality of the exotic wood available o... Read More »