What Is a Shower Faucet Cartridge?

Answer A shower faucet cartridge is one of the faucet's most important parts. This part is the very reason you are able to control both hot and cold water with a single handle. Most modern faucets consist... Read More »

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How to Replace a Faucet Cartridge on a Shower & Tub?

Shower and bathtub combinations commonly have a cartridge faucet. As the faucet's handle is rotated, several holes within the body of the faucet mix hot and cold water to adjust the temperature. W... Read More »

Your shower faucet drips only when water is turned on in other parts of the house for instance dishwasher This began when you changed the shower head Why is this happening?

Have you got two single faucets or a single lever faucet? It could be a pressure imbalance or it could just need maintenance

How to Change a Cartridge in a Pegasus Faucet?

If you have recently noticed that your Pegasus kitchen or bathroom faucet is leaking, the likely cause is a bad cartridge. Since leaking faucets can lead to higher water bills and waste, it's a goo... Read More »

How to Replace Kitchen Faucet Cartridge?

No matter if you have a modern up to date faucet or a real old fixture, fixing a drip is something anyone can do themselves.