What Is a Short Escrow?

Answer When the real estate market is down, it is often referred to as a buyer's market. To secure the best deal possible and convince the owner to sell, an interested buyer may offer a short escrow. A sh... Read More »

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What is a software escrow?

Software escrow is when a software's source code is in an escrow account. A third-party unassociated with the software's developer owns the account. If the developer is unable to continue working o... Read More »

What Is an Escrow License?

The process of buying a home involves many different people. Escrow officers help facilitate an important part of that process, including ensuring the safekeeping and legality of the escrow proceed... Read More »

What Is an Escrow Assistant?

An escrow assistant is the person who works with an escrow agent or escrow agency during a real estate transaction and assists with the documentation and closing of the deal. The escrow assistant r... Read More »

What Is an Escrow Adjustment?

Escrow and trust accounts are the same type of financial object, accounts used specifically to manage someone else's funds. Escrow account is a term commonly used in real estate to describe an addi... Read More »