What Is a Ship Ballast?

Answer Ballast, generally, means anything that adds stability or weight. For example, an air balloon uses sandbags to control altitude and balance the center of gravity, and stone or gravel ballast is use... Read More »

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What did the BoB barker ship serve as before a whale wars ship?

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What ship is the fast naval ship the name starts with 'd'?

What is the Difference Between a Navy Ship&a Naval Ship?

A U.S. Navy ship is designated "USS" for "United States Ship" and is crewed by U.S. Navy sailors. A U.S. Naval Ship, while owned by the Navy, is crewed by Civil Service mariners, designated "USNS,"... Read More »

A man is said to be a ship guard on an Irish ship during the late 1700s or early 1800 What did this guy do?