What Is a Safety Razor?

Answer A safety razor exposes only one edge of the razor for shaving. Prior to the safety razor, the lone shaving option was the straight razor, which required more skill and posed a greater risk of injury.

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How to Care for Your Safety Razor?

Safety razors originated in the 19th century. Despite the overwhelming popularity of multiple blade razors, safety razors retain a cult-like following of collectors and users. Dedicated users argue... Read More »

How to Clean an Old Safety Razor?

Safety razors date back to the late 19th century, when Jean-Jacques Perret invented the world's first model. Since then, vintage safety razors have garnered a following among shaving enthusiasts an... Read More »

History of the Safety Razor?

The safety razor is a commonly used and greatly underappreciated hygiene tool. In early history, shaving razors consisting of little more than a sharp piece of copper or bronze began replacing the ... Read More »

Razor Blade Safety?

We use razor blades everyday for a number of simple tasks, but we often forget about the dangers involved with them. Implementing common sense and safety when using them can prevent accidents and i... Read More »