What Is a Safety Limit Switch?

Answer Safety limit switches are used on many types of electrically powered machines and equipment to prevent injury or damage in the event aspects of operating motion go outside normal operating limits. ... Read More »

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What is the definition of a limit switch?

According to McGraw-Hill's Access Engineering dictionary, a limited switch is "a switch designed to cut off power automatically at or near the limit of travel of a moving object controlled by elect... Read More »

What is a limit switch on a furnace?

A furnace's limit switch is a switch designed to shut off the furnace's burner if the plenum, a chamber which stores heated or cooled air for distribution, becomes too hot. The limit switch may als... Read More »

What does trip mean on a limit switch?

The word trip, when referring to a limit switch or circuit breaker, means to stop the circuit. Tripping a limit switch is the same as turning the light switch from on to off while stopping the flow... Read More »

What Does Lack of Ho2s21 Switch - Adaptive Fuel at Limit Mean?

Vehicle sensors communicate engine performance information to a car's on board computer. This information can take the form of a diagnostic trouble code, or DTC, like the code described as "Lack of... Read More »