What Is a Rapid Refinance?

Answer The biggest benefit of refinancing a loan is that it offers qualifying borrowers the ability to get a lower rate on the loan, decreasing monthly payments.Outstanding BalancesExisting loan borrowers... Read More »

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The Advantages of VA Refinance Vs. Conventional Refinance?

A Veterans Administration (VA) loan has different rules and regulations than a conventional loan. These rules are similar for purchases and refinances.

What is a rapid refund?

If you expect a refund on your federal income taxes, you want to get that refund as quickly as possible. Rapid refund is a way to get your federal tax refund back quickly.SignificanceTaxpayers who ... Read More »

What is rapid refund?

Rapid Refund is the process by which a taxpayer can receive an anticipated tax refund as a loan from a tax preparation company instead of waiting for one from the IRS. Also known as a "Refund Antic... Read More »

What is REM (Rapid Eye Movement)?

When you sleep you go through several phases, first your body needs to relax, then you slowly enter a deeper restful sleep that will allow for assistance/aid in healing and regeneration of cells.RE... Read More »