What Is a Quick Ratio & How Is it Used?

Answer Investors, business owners, accountants, insurance professionals, loan officers and bookkeepers frequently use financial ratios as a yardstick to measure the health and profitability of a business.... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Gear Ratio for a Quick Change Rear End?

A quick change rear end refers to automobile axles or rear ends that can be changed quickly. They apply in auto racing where a complete change out happens in seconds. In addition to axle change out... Read More »

What is the ratio used to approve a loan modification?

While programs from lender to lender will vary, the standard loan modification under the federal government, the Home Affordable Modification Program, requires a payment of no more than 31 percent ... Read More »

What Financial Ratio Is Predominantly Used to Determine Profitability of a Company?

Public companies are required to file certain financial documents with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC. These documents are then made available to the public, allowing current a... Read More »

What financial ratio is most commonly used to evaluate charitable organizations?

There are various methods of financial evaluation of charitable organizations, and rarely is a single ratio used alone. Generally, multiple ratios are used to produce a composite rating. However,... Read More »