What Is a Quick Fix for a Slipping Transmission?

Answer When a transmission is working properly, gears shift smoothly to drive, reverse or park a vehicle. However, sometimes problems occur resulting in a transmission slipping.

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What Can You Do for a Slipping Transmission?

If your vehicle's transmission is slipping between gears or the clutch is slipping, then the car may be experiencing the beginning of transmission problems. If you allow it to go on for too long, a... Read More »

What Are the Causes of an Automatic Transmission Slipping?

Automatic transmissions transmit power from the engine to the rear drive wheels by smoothly shifting through a variety of low- and high-level gears to provide a comfortable, non-jarring ride. Autom... Read More »

What Is the Problem If My Transmission Is Slipping in Higher RPMs?

The automatic transmission of an automobile is a sensitive system that can be easily damaged by incorrect transmission fluid, excessive use, and wear and tear. One of the common problems is slippin... Read More »

Solutions for Transmission Slipping?

As automobiles age over the years, they have audible and sometimes visual signs of showing it. One of these signs is a slipping transmission. However, even this can happen to fairly newer cars if c... Read More »