What Is a Purge Solenoid Valve?

Answer A solenoid purge valve is used to regulate automotive emissions. This computer-controlled valve prevents unused fuel vapors from escaping into the atmosphere while the engine is off. The vapors are... Read More »

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What Is the Purge Solenoid?

A solenoid is a cylindrical coil of insulated wire. The purge solenoid is one of two solenoids that control the flow of fuel vapors into automotive engines. Purge solenoids open the line between a ... Read More »

What Is a Purge Canister Solenoid?

Generally speaking, a solenoid consists of an electrical conductor wound tightly into a helix, so that electrical current flowing through the conductor establishes a magnetic field within it. A pur... Read More »

What Is a Canister Purge Solenoid Circuit?

In an automobile, a canister purge solenoid circuit is part of an evaporative emission control system, which prevents hydrocarbons in gasoline vapor from escaping into the atmosphere. Gasoline vapo... Read More »

Symptoms of a Bad Purge Valve?

A purge valve is used in any component that builds up water pressure, air pressure or vapor pressure. A automobile's purge valve is commonly called a canister purge valve. This purge valve -- part ... Read More »