What Is a Prony Brake?

Answer The de Prony Brake, or prony brake as it is often called, is a simple device used as a dynamometer for measuring engines. Invented nearly two centuries ago, it remains a reliable method for obtain... Read More »

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What Happens If Brake Fluid Gets on Brake Pads?

Brake pads are the part of a breaking system that pinch down on the disc or drum to transfer stopping power from the system's master cylinder to the vehicle's wheels. As such, brake pads should nev... Read More »

Can You Have Electronic Brake Distribution Without an Anti-lock Brake System?

Electronic brake distribution and anti-lock brake systems (ABS) are mutually exclusive in automobiles. Electronic brake distribution (EBD) is essential to the correct function of anti-lock brakes. ... Read More »

How to Change a Brake Master Cylinder Without Bleeding the Entire Brake System?

The brake master cylinder provides hydraulic pressure for the entire braking system. When the brake pedal is depressed, a push rod activates the master cylinder and pushes brake fluid to all four b... Read More »

How to Change Brake Pads and Rotors on a general GM Disc Brake System?

This is a general description of the procedure involved in changing pads and rotors on a GM vehicle. First park the vehicle on a level surface, lift and support the car safely.