What Is a Prepay Phone?

Answer As an alternative to traditional cell phone plans, the prepaid phone has become available to customers. These cell phones are paid at the beginning of the month and offer a variety of benefits.

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How to Activate the Phone on the Verizon Prepay Plan?

A Verizon Wireless prepaid plan allows you to purchase minutes, data and messages in advance to use in conjunction with your wireless phone. However, before you can use your Verizon Wireless prepai... Read More »

What Does Prepay Vacation Mean for an Employee?

The term prepaid vacation means vacation days are routinely added to an employee's vacation leave account.

What does it mean for a company to prepay an employee?

To prepay an employee means that an employer provides a payroll advance to an employee. Prepaying for an employee means a payroll deduction payment is made directly to the recipient. Employees not ... Read More »

Can the iPhone be prepay?

No, you must pay monthly just like any regular phone but you will have to pay more money compared to the contract option.