What Is a Power Distribution Block?

Answer Many times you may have a single power source, such as a car battery, and want to run several machines from it. You will need a power distribution block.

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What is a power distribution unit?

A power distribution unit (PDU) is a power strip with multiple outlets used to provide power to networking, telecommunication or server equipment. In computer networking, a continuous power supply ... Read More »

What is the small block on the end of the power cord?

The block on the end of a power cord is a connector, also known as a plug. Plugs are either 'male' with two or three metal prongs or 'female', with two or three holes to enable it to connect to a m... Read More »

What Does Power Feed Mean on a Car Fuse Block?

Car fuse blocks refer to one or two plastic block assemblies consisting of fuses and relays. Car fuse blocks receive power via a power feed, which enables the fuses and relays to control current to... Read More »

How to Build a Small Block Chevy for Power?

On planet Hot Rod, hopped-up small block Chevys (SBC) are the foundation upon which the world is built. In continuous production for over 50 years, the basic small block has probably undergone more... Read More »