What Is a Ported Vacuum Switch?

Answer Technology has given vehicle manufacturers the ability to lessen the amount of emissions from a car's exhaust. Using components, such as a ported vacuum switch, allows accurate control of when emis... Read More »

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Are there any recalls on Kenmore vacuum cleaners because the switch doesn't shut the vacuum cleaner off?

There may or may not be. With a model number, it might be possible to check. Or you could use the toll free number and ask a representative point blank. Make sure you have that model number, a date... Read More »

What is the Conservation process that occurs when you switch on a vacuum cleaner?

It changed the way we worked in life. Instead of spending time hitting rugs to get all of the dirt off. People had more time to do other things.

What Are Ported & Polished Heads?

Ported and polished heads are automotive engine heads that have had their air intake and exhaust passages improved to allow greater volumes of airflow. This is accomplished by using machining tools... Read More »

How to Repair a Kirby Vacuum Switch?

Replacing the power switch on a Kirby vacuum requires only a few basic tools, but you will need some knowledge of the vacuum cleaner components. Consult the owner's manual to help identify parts as... Read More »