What Is a PFI Interview?

Answer Performance Factor Interview is a type of behavioral interview technique used by hiring managers who seek "results oriented" job candidates, according to Job Interview Guide. Similar to the STAR in... Read More »

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What is a TTY interview?

TTY, also known as Text Telephone, is a device that allows hearing impaired callers to connect with hearing callers with the use of a keyboard, screen and computer modem. The conversation is relaye... Read More »

What Is a Forensic Interview?

The origins of forensic interviewing lie in dark places. These interviews apply specifically to cases of verbal, physical and sexual abuse and neglect. Experts in science and psychology developed f... Read More »

What is an employment interview?

An employment interview is a meeting with one or more representatives of a company to determine if you have the experience, skills and ability to do a job. An interview also gives a prospective emp... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of an Interview?

At first thought, an interview may seem like an inconvenience for both parties involved. The hiring manager must take time out of his busy schedule for yet another intensive meeting and the candida... Read More »