What Is a PCM in an Automobile?

Answer Modern automobiles are like rolling laptops: full of sensors, actuators and computer processors that network and control all of the vehicle's internal functions. The Powertrain Control Module is a ... Read More »

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Which one is better mechatronics or automobile?

i think mechatronics is better than automobile. mechatronics is better because it is a combination of electronics and mechanical. since our era has become : operating everything electronically and ... Read More »

What is the automobile transaxle?

All front-wheel-drive and most all-wheel-drive cars have transaxles. These components take the place of what would be a transmission in a rear-wheel-drive vehicle.DefinitionThe word "transaxle" is ... Read More »

How to Paint an Automobile?

Having your car professionally painted can cost you hundreds of dollars. You can do it yourself for one-fourth of the price. Learning to do your own painting job can also lead to a great hobby for ... Read More »

Who invented the automobile ?

Because there are different kinds of automobiles, such as steam, electric and gasoline, people have different opinions about who invented the first true automobile. According to The Library of Cong... Read More »