What Is a Neutral Grape Spirit?

Answer "Neutral grape spirit" is wine-making parlance for a distilled wine--usually brandy--that's used to retard the fermentation of more complex wines and liqueurs. This process, called fortification, p... Read More »

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Is gin a neutral grain spirit?

A neutral grain spirit, also called pure grain alcohol, contains pure alcohol with no additives, such as color or flavor. Gin, which is not a neutral grain alcohol, is a wheat- or rye-based spirit ... Read More »

Can denatured spirit be used to make surgical spirit?

Yes, denatured spirit can be used to make surgical spirit.Ethyl alcohol denatured with methyl alcohol is used for surgical purposeSurgical spirit is 70% denatured ethanol

Mozzarella Cheese or Cheddar Cheese Grape Juice or Grape Soda Peppers or Onions?

It really depends what the cheese is on/with. For example, on Italian food, I obviously want mozzarella...but in Mexican food, I want cheddar. I guess if I have to choose, I pick mozzarella. Grape ... Read More »

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