What Is a Mouse Cursor?

Answer The mouse cursor is generally represented as a small white or black arrow on the computer screen. When the mouse is moved, the cursor moves in response, allowing the computer user to see what she i... Read More »

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Mouse cursor is messed up or something...?

If you have mouse tails turned on, try disabling that feature.

My Mouse Cursor is Blinking?

Mouse cursor move on its own It's a new PC?

There is nothing wrong. It is the way optical mouse works. Do not keep it on a glossy, reflective surface, use anything dull, a sheet of paper, or a sheet of cloth under it and it will work well.

How to Make the Mouse Cursor Bigger in Mac OS X?

If the size of your Mac OS X cursor is too small, you're only a few clicks away from resizing it to your liking.The preference that controls cursor size is located within the Universal Access pane ... Read More »