What Is a Monkey Pine Tree?

Answer Also known as the monkey-puzzle tree, Araucaria araucana is an unusual evergreen native to South America. Not a true pine, tt has an open, pyramidal habit and can grow to 150 feet tall in its nativ... Read More »

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How long long will a Florida pine tree live after being infested with pine bark beetles?

Depends on the species of pine bark beetle. The Southern Pine Bark beetle can kill a tree almost before you knew the beetles arrived. Black Turpentine Bark beetles take longer, but usually attack... Read More »

Do monkey tree plants need much sunlight?

Monkey tree plants (Araucaria araucana) are native to South America but can be grown as houseplants in colder climates. The plant can take full sunlight, though it does best in filtered sunlight.So... Read More »

How to Tap a Pine Tree?

A stand of Slash pine trees.Tapping pine trees to capture the sap for use in paint products and in making pine resin products is almost a lost art. Here are the basic steps if you would like to try... Read More »

What type of pine tree is this?

It's a little hard to tell from your description but my guess would be either Red Pine (Pinus resinosa) or Austrian Pine (Pinus nigra).Below is a link, you can see the different two needle pines wh... Read More »