What Is a Method That Can Separate Pigments in Flowers?

Answer Pigments are chemical compounds that lend color to a mixture by selectively absorbing specific wavelengths of light. Flowers owe their dazzling coloration to pigments produced by plant cells in the... Read More »

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What Are Yellow & Orange Pigments That Appear in Fall Leaves?

Autumn trees produce spectacular colors that draw sightseers from all over the country. Bright yellows, brilliant oranges, vivid reds and even deep purples light up many types of trees in response ... Read More »

I have a light in my bedroom that is operated by two separate switches that just stopped coming on.?

ybe this will help:…or this:…Note: If you need to replace one switch, replace both of them. Good luck and may God... Read More »

Other than tomatoes what can you grow with the hydroponic method can you grow hydroponic flowers also?

You can grow heaps of plants, i grow plants using hydroponics and i grow tomatoes, strawberries,chillis. Yes you can grow flowers using hydroponics, you can plant them when they are seeds or seedli... Read More »

What Are Mac Pigments?

MAC is a makeup line that is a mainstay of professional makeup artists and has a wide mainstream following. MAC, which stands for Makeup Artists Choice, is known for vivid colors and style. MAC pig... Read More »